Welcome to the Deep South Region of the North-South Skirmish Association

The N-SSA is a competition shooting organization, founded in 1950, that focuses on the time period of the American Civil War.  We compete in live fire with a variety of small arms, including revolvers, carbines, rifled muskets, smoothbore muskets, breech loaders, and repeaters.  Some units also compete with mortars and artillery!

We need new shooters!  If you are interested in individual and team competition shooting using black powder firearms of the American Civil War, check out our recruits page for how to get started!

The Deep South Region is currently comprised of 9 teams.  All of our competitions are held at Brierfield Ironworks Park near Birgmingham, Alabama, except for the November event held in Eva, Tennessee.  To find out when the next skirmish is happening, see our Schedule of Events.

Deep South Region

North-South Skirmish Association