Most Deep South regional skirmishes are held at Brierfield Iron Works Park, south of Birmingham, Alabama:

The N-SSA has two National competitions, Spring and Fall, held at the N-SSA home range in Winchester, Virginia:

The November skirmish is held at Nathan Bedford Forrest State Park in Eva, Tennessee:

Even if you are not currently an N-SSA member, we encourage you to stop by one of our skirmishes!  If you stop by Saturday morning before lunch, during individual competitions, resources permitting we will put a musket in your hands and show you how to load and fire it at a target!   Shooters age 14-18 must have a parent or guardian present.

Deep South Calendar

2021 Skirmish Schedule:

May 28-30 4th TN - Brierfield Ironworks State Park
August 27-29 3rd/44th GA - Brierfield Ironworks State Park
November 5-7 Forrest's Escort - Nathan Bedford Forrest State Park

NOTE:  Be sure to check the National Calendar for the actual status of the event.  States may impose restrictions on gatherings due to Covid-19.  Skirmishes are subject to cancellation.  

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